Problems, Gotchas and Solutions with the Windows 10 Free Upgrade Error? Fix it immediately

Questions:I'm running Windows 10 right now but you will note that I'm still here. My problems:
  • WU Error 80240020 in installing the last Windows 10 update files. I fixed that after finding a solution from a web search on the error number. See https://www.reddit.com/r/windows/com...ng_to_install/
  • When Windows 10 booted, Norton 360 Premier worked but wanted a re-install. I used a tool form the Norton web site to perform that task.
  • When I rebooted, Norton could not reach the home planet. The cause turned out to be a problem with resources for the network card. A look at Device Manager front tab in Properties said that the network card (Realtek PCIe GBE family, built-in the motherboard) driver was not installed, but on another tab of the DM Properties it said that the driver *was* installed. A "Check for new hardware" locked up DM solid - would not even close. I powered down the computer and drove to work. When I got home hours later, the computer had not finished shutdown. I used the power switch, waited awhile, and started the computer. DM said that the network card was not enabled, probably because of a hardware conflict. I enabled it and it has been OK since. I suspect that because my rig is a lot more complex than most, and I did a first-day install of Windows 10, that the plug-and-play did not work well for a boot or two.
  • I found that Office was reset to the out-of-the-box "shields up" mode. I re-enabled macros once Norton 360 Premier was updated and working well, and Office is fine. This is minor for me, but you guys that do IT and manage organization roll-outs, take notice.
  • A lot of the mini-icons in the "All apps" list are gone. Some are coming back.
  • Stardock's Object Dock reveals that there is an unnamed app running that does not show up in the Task Manager as a foreground running app. The name is zero characters and there is no icon. If I open it, it turns out to be a Settings page or the Store. Sometimes it goes away but it is usually there. It doesn't respond to "Close."
  • When I went along with the feedback prompt, when I was done it wanted me to set up a Microsoft account. I didn't want the same one as my Windows phone so I set up another one that connects with my main e-mail address. It changed my workstation password to my Microsoft Account password, which I had not written down, so the next time I rebooted my computer I was hopelessly locked out. Booting from the Windows Rescue Disk let me in and I found my password database, but I found that a USB thumb drive would not mount, and I don't have a floppy drive on a ribbon cable, so I had no way to get anything out of the computer that could not be listed to a command prompt. I was booting the Acronis restore DVD to go back to last month under W7 when I decided to try to reset the account from another computer and succeeded. I then changed the workstation password. But I checked and found that my computer is still linked to a Microsoft account, and that its password had changed to track my workstation password. There is a prompt after you give your upgrade feedback "Just log onto this device" that you must click to avoid this pitfall but I didn't know what it meant not to click that. I decided not to delete the computer from the Microsoft account because that's my recourse if I have validation problems with Windows 10, and that's apparently the price of the "free" upgrade - MS has your workstation password (hope they don't get hacked!) that is probably linked to any emergency Windows 10 support that you may need. I turned off synch and outside access to my workstation through the workstation's Settings. You guys with stand-alone unique workstations, take note. You IT people that want your clients to have roaming access and user file synch through *your* servers, not Microsoft's servers, take note.
There is more, but these are the high points of the most serious issues. A couple of points that I think are worth mentioning:
  1. Acronis recommends that you run a backup just before you upgrade. If you have problems, like getting locked out of your computer or not being able to get the network card working, you can go back to that backup. You should do this to optimize your options.
  2. Windows 10 free upgrade has a "Go back to Windows 7" button in the help pages and Settings. It goes away after about a month, as probably the files it uses to do that. I am 50-50 on whether I push that button or not before my month is up. Be prepared to re-validate your Windows 7 if you do this. The "Go back..." button will be seen if you are hacking around settings to solve a problem, but you can get right to it from Settings -> Update and Security -> Recovery, where it is the second option after "Resetting this computer" which re-installs the OS (and probably un-installs all your apps and non-WU drivers) and Restart, which tells you to put a bootable rescue DVD in the drive first.
CAVEAT: I have a laptop that also upgraded to first-day Windows 10 and I have a lot more hours on the laptop than on my home workstation. I have had no problems with Windows 10 on the laptop other than re-enabling macros in Office (I couldn't even print to the network until I did this). If it works for you, by all means do it.

When I gave upgrade feedback on the laptop, I gave my birth date as 1/1/15 when I set up a Microsoft account, and it wanted my parents to come click OK to proceed; I closed the window and did not proceed so did not end up changing my laptop password. Good, because I didn't write that one down either. I use the laptop on several networks and I don't want the OS considering itself on *any* network. I have distinct login credentials on each of them and none of them are mapped or synched to my User/Roaming folder. That's good because I firewall my clients from each other. I plan to keep Windows 10 on the laptop.

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